Surprise EOB

Pandemic Denials: Alberto and Elyssa’s Surprise EOB Story

Alberto & Elyssa’s story is all too familiar. Elyssa responsibly searched for and found a COVID-safe, emergency care facility for her husband’s severe abdominal pain. He was successfully stabilized and treated professionally, but months later she was mailed a deceptive Explanation of Benefits (EOB) document. Inside, she found a shocking declaration that they might owe over $19,000.00 in “patient responsibility”.

“We have insurance, why are we receiving this?” This refrain from Elyssa’s story is a sentiment that too many people feel when they receive a surprise EOB like the one she and Alberto received. The EOBs are a favorite tactic used by Insurers to scare you into thinking you might receive a bill or intimidate you into not seeking emergency care in the future. Watch their full story above to hear more about these insurance fear tactics.

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